GloEn-Patrol™ is a combined treatment system taking advantage of Filtration and UV irradiation, the most environmentally friendly and optimally designed solution for every kind of vessel to install and operate. 
Adopting a 100% physical treatment technology, GloEn-Patrol™ effectively disinfects harmful aquatic organism and pathogen in ballast water without producing any toxic substance during ballasting and de-ballasting. In addition, this uniquely engineered and designed filter and UV lamp are manufactured using PANASIA's own technologies to provide the utmost quality, reasonable price and timely delivery to the customers.


  • Excellent sterilization performance (100% physical treatment)
  • Automatic control of power consumption at 3 levels, depending on water quality
  • Low maintenance and repair cost
  • Operating system designed to increase user-friendliness
  • Automatic back flushing (filter), auto cleaning (UV lamp protection)
  • Capable of treating water, regardless of salinity or temperature
  • No use of chemicals that can cause corrosion in the tank
  • Optimized for the environment of the installation place (vertical or horizontal arrangement, unlimited installation gap between products)

Product line-up

GloEn-Patrol™ GI

  • Combination : Original Filter Unit / Original UV Unit
  • Treatment Capacity : 50 ~ 750m³/hr
  • Features : Small capacity with single unit


GloEn-Patrol™ G Ⅱ

  • Combination : MEGA Filter Unit / Original UV Unit
  • Treatment Capacity : 800 ~ 3,000m³/hr
  • Features : Small footprint & Power consumption

GloEn-Patrol™ G Ⅲ

  • Combination : MEGA Filter Unit / MEGA UV Unit
  • Treatment Capacity : 800 ~ 3,000m³/hr
  • Features : High efficiency in power consumption and footprint



Comparing GI with GIII


Model Treatment
Power Consumption
GloEn-Patrol™ Ⅰ
Power Consumption
GloEn-Patrol™ Ⅲ
Power Consumption
GloEn-Patrol™ Ⅲ
P1000 1,000m³/hr 120kW 56kW 77kW 36%
P1200 1,200m³/hr 160kW 65kW 90kW 44%
P1500 1,500m³/hr 174kW 80kW 110kW 37%
P2000 2,000m³/hr 240kW 113kW 155kW 35%
P2500 2,500m³/hr 320kW 131kW 180kW 44%
P3000 3,000m³/hr 360kW 164kW 225kW 38%


Minimized Footprint 44.5% of installation area is reduced.

GloEn-Patrol™ I GI

2.39m X 7.4m = 17.7 m²

GloEn-Patrol™ I GIII

2.19m X 1.9m + 0.97(1.17+4.67) = 9.83 m²


Original Filter Unit

  • Type: Single screen type
  • Capacity: 50 ~ 750m³/hr
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 10 bars
  • Grade of filtration: 50μm
  • Filter Element Material: SUS 316L / Hastelloy
  • Backflushing control: Differential Pressure-dependent

MEGA Filter Unit

  • Type: Multi cage screen type
  • Capacity: 900 ~ 3,000m³/hr
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 10 bars
  • Grade of filtration: 50μm
  • Filter Element Material: SUS 316L / Hastelloy
  • Backflushing control: Differential Pressure-dependent
Treatment Capacity
Original Filter Unit
PF 50
50 m3/h
PF 250
250 m3/h
PF 500
500 m3/h
PF 750
750 m3/h
MEGA Filter Unit
PF 900
900 m3/h
PF 1200
1200 m3/h
PF 1500
1500 m3/h
PF 2000
2000 m3/h
PF 2500
2500 m3/h
PF 3000
3000 m3/h


Original UV Unit

  • Capacity: 50 ~ 750m³/hr
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 10 bar
  • Automatic cleaning wiper
  • Explosion Proof Type (option)


  • Capacity: 1,000 ~ 1,500m³/hr
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 10 bar
  • Automatic cleaning wiper
  • Explosion Proof Type (option)
  Model Treatment Capacity 
Original UV Unit PU 50 50 m3/h
  PU 250 150 m3/h
    250 m3/h
    350 m3/h
  PU 500 500 m3/h
    700 m3/h
MEGA UV Unit PU 1000 1000 m3/h
  PU 1250 1250 m3/h
  PU 1500 1500 m3/h





Ballast water treatment systems are complex and require more crew training. This need is especially acute when performance is conditional on understanding the system’s limitations in variable water conditions such as salinity and turbidity.
For BPCO, crew training continues post-commissioning with a hands-on training center, as well as regular periodic on board training after system handover so that new crew members learn the system and existing crew members’ knowledge is refreshed.

This follow-on training helps to ensure continued safe and reliable operation of the BWTS for years to come. 

Do you have a land-based Training Center? 

Two fully functional Training Centers operated by BPCO LTD addressing all the aspects of PANASIA BWTS and operate in   

  • Athens, Greece
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Busan, Korea

BPCO 's Training Centers are open to Ship’s crew, Technical superintendents, Ship designers and consultancy offices. The Center includes classroom instruction on function, safety, troubleshooting and maintenance.
During the hands-on part of the training there is an operating PANASIA treatment system, UV unit, as well as dry filter on the premises allowing for the equipment to be disassembled to view inner workings and functions.

Do you offer on board Training?

The amount of time between getting the system fully operational and the vessel leaving the shipyard during the commissioning period can be very short. This limits the amount of time to provide hands-on training to the crew. Additionally, conditions do not mimic real-world experience of a ballast operation. BPCO offers additional hands-on training, allowing for more time and a better experience with the engineers on board the vessel.

Do you issue certification?

Attendance Certification is issued upon successful completion of the Training Course.






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